MaryThe seed of the seven holy men drew together by their love and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary spread its branches to shelter the servants of Mary in the whole world. The mother of God is the Christian aroma that young men and women need in this troubled world. She holds the flames of light to all believers yearning to be closer to Christ. I willed to be closer to the heart of Jesus. As I drew closer, I realized that, to draw nearer, I had to pass through his mother. Walking through my childhood memories, I trace the root of my vocation. Ladies in our Christian community would gather at home every Sunday to pray the rosary. I would always be charged with reading the litany of our lady and continued with the spirit at school taking on n different responsibilities as the liturgy minister, consequently, the desire to serve Mary takes course.
The moment we experience God’s call, He will always bring us back to himself. After my A-level, I joined university and part timing at Rene pharmaceutical industries. It seemed like religious vocation had twisted its course. However, after my first year, there was an irresistible desire for religious life after a talk with one of the seminarians in the order of the servants of Mary. When my classmates at the university leant of it, I was ridiculed and many thought that I was bewitched. This is common today as people tend to lose the sense and value of religion but I chose to serve God in the order of Servants of Mary, and as an aspirant, I have always looked at Mary as the aroma of my life.
I have experienced the care and love of mother Mary from child hood. She has constantly provided parental care and love. In Mary, the source of justice and comforter of the afflicted, I have always sought solace. In fact I felt her inspiring presence as a postulant at kisoga. The night before I was diagnosed with Diabetes; I knelt before the Blessed Sacrament, recited the prayer of Hail Mary three times for I was terrified about life and thought my vocation could come to a halt. Living as a diabetic and being accepted in the order of servants of Mary, seems a clear answer to my prayer and the presence of Mary in my response to God’s call. We can have different experience but we can all agree that Mary has never abandoned those who seek her intercession.
Today as ever Mary is the Christian aroma. She is the model of Christian discipleship, in her obedience: Mary is our role model. In this regard, mother Mary, did not only obey the call of God to be the mother of Jesus Christ, but also of Joseph her spouse. She willingly accepted the request of her son at the cross to take John as her son, she who believed from the beginning, invites you and I to say YES, I will follow you Lord. Brothers and sisters, this is the time to discover and realize God’s mission in your lives. It could be that He wants you to serve him in the order of the servants of Mary. Take time to witness the discipleship of our Lady and have a personal experience of the Christian aroma.

By Mubiru Joseph
Mpumudde – kiwa mirembe


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